I'm a writer/director best known for creating the PSA, 'Embrace Life - Always Wear Your Seat Belt'. Since its release 'Embrace Life' has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube and won multiple awards including a  Bronze Lion at Cannes and the YouTube Ad of the Year. Two of my short films have won regional BAFTA competitions under the ’60 Seconds of Fame’ scheme.

My work has been licensed and used worldwide by leading companies including NASA and Ducati, as well as being screened at TED. In addition, I have been a guest speaker for Google, BBC, CNN and the UK Parliament on the creation of positive messages and filmmaking. 

My love for filmmaking began with family Super8 films and culminated in attending Panico film school, started by Terry Gilliam and run by his Monty Python film crew. I then set about making short films and this learning ground was helpful in honing my craft and ultimately finding my voice.

To date, I have experience directing films on 16mm, 35mm, digital and high speed formats.

I also studied prosthetic character & make-up design and to this day I am inspired by practical techniques and, where possible, creating 'in-camera'.

Equally, I enjoy working in cgi / animation and my PSA, 'Protect your child', is a photo-real digital child safety film. 'Protect' has over 100 thousand views on YouTube and is featured throughout the UK in hospitals on Baby Tv.  

Recently I have spent time on my writing, developing multiple stories and projects, two of which; a family film and a children’s tv series, have been under consideration at a UK animation studio. I am currently seeking funding for the first of a series of anti-bullying PSA projects, which include art installation sculptures and film.

I’m looking to progress towards making my first feature film, ideally drawing upon my sensibility for heartfelt, quirky stories that explore the human condition through unexpected, sometimes fantastical characters.



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